A sweet story...


The myth that travels around Greece with the best ambassadors, students and travelers from other parts of the country, everybody gets “hooked” on our product and they become fanatical consumers when they return to their homes, immediately "demanding" to find the product in their areas.

Our decision to build sales networks in other regions of Greece, was not only a developmental plan, it was mainly as a sense of responsibility and pride that we created the "sweet discomfort" by hundreds of consumers and professionals "that were looking for" our product in every corner of the country.

A sweet story...

The story began in 1996 in our laboratory, where except for sandwich buns, we created an authentic croissant recipe with fresh ingredients purchased from a local grocery store. We took a jar with ION nucrema praline and filled our croissant. The result was our fresh fluffy pastry filled with real hazelnut praline.

The recipe has remained untouched, and the feeling of a fresh, traditional product, that you just bought from the bakery is absolute.

In (the year) 2000, we designed the stand box, that quickly became a trademark.

Today CHOCO BIG is the No. 1 selling product of our company and is found in over 5000 locations all over Greece.


INGREDIENTS: Giant French Croissant, with 60 grams double filling of Greek hazelnut praline.

WEIGHT: 250 grams

SHELF LIFE: 30 days